Following Through on a Challenge to Myself


#sol19- September 10, 2019

So, back in January when I chose my olw I knew part of being intentional for me was challenging myself. When I reflected after the first six months I noted that my major fail until then had been my lack of ukulele. Fast forward two months and still no uke. This week I got a further nudge when I walked into the music room one recess while a fifth grader was jamming on a ukulele with the music teacher. Danielle (the music teacher) mentioned that the student was so keen that she had even bought her own.

“Where did you get it?” I asked.

“Soundskool,” she answered.

“Ah, there is one right down the street from me,” I schemed.

“They are expensive there, about twice what you would pay in the US,” the teacher commented.

But after waiting so long to finally buy one, that seemed almost inconsequential. I made a plan to go over to the store the very next day.

Surprisingly, at least to me, I stuck to my plan (I am really good at backing out of deals I make with myself). Today after I got home I ambled over to the store. The woman at the desk was on the phone, so I explored the store myself. There were a few instruments on the wall and even as musically limited as I am I recognized the ukulele and took it down. Looking it over quickly (for what, who knows, as I have zero knowledge of what I could be looking for) I returned it to its space on the wall and waited to be helped.

After we greeted each other I was quick to say, “I’d like to buy a ukulele,” so I would not chicken out.

She walked to the ukulele, entered some information into her computer and reported, “We only have this one in this color if that is okay with you.”

“Sure,” I answered.

“Let me go get you a box,” she scurried off. She returned a few minutes later to update me, “We do not have the box, is that okay?”

“Sure,” I said, because really, why did I need a box to carry it a few meters.

So now I am home and I realize I have NO CLUE! I do not even know if my ukulele is in tune, how to tune it, or what I should do with it first. So now I begin as a real student in 2019- I search YouTube to find a teacher! I feel like I am off on an adventure and I really wonder how it will turn out. I have very little musical experience (playing violin for a year and a half in elementary school was not a big success) and no natural ability, but I figure it is worth a try. I am ready to try to make good on my promise to myself- taking my wish to the next step, now it is almost a plan. There is something a little exciting about embarking on a brand new project. Advice welcome!

It probably needs a name! 


7 thoughts on “Following Through on a Challenge to Myself

  1. “I’d like to buy a ukulele,” – this makes an awesome opening sentence for a story. You are living this story. Step by step, this is how learning happens, this is how anything gets accomplished.

  2. I agree with Terje about an opening line for a story. My twin sister got a ukulele a few years ago. She tried learning on her own but finally signed up for a class and made good progress. Congrats on pushing yourself and good luck on your new endeavour.

  3. What a great slice to share with us! I said I would learn to play the guitar after earning my masters… least I have the guitar! Thank you for the motivation to go home tonight as strum a bit!

    And thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

  4. Sounds like the beginning of a music journey and there should be some good SOL’s along the way. They say that we learning new skills is good for our brain… keeps it strong.

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