Going to a Playground


#sol19- September 17, 2019


When the teacher next door told me that half of her class had never been to a playground I was surprised, but sure enough, in our class, there were a few students whose only playground experience was at school.

We headed off shortly after Morning Meeting (after the obligatory toilet stop) and piled into the bus (I love that the buses are smaller here, so it was just our class on the bus). The students were happy to be together, so even though we were stuck in traffic, we had plenty of fun- conversations about the forces they could see nearby (our new unit is about forces and the students were tasked with exploring forces at the playground).

The weather was perfect- overcast, so it was not too hot for all the running around. The students eagerly explored all that they saw-strategies were shared for swinging, climbing, monkey bars and more. Just when there was the slightest hint of impatience we decided to head back to school, but not before taking a class photo.

In reflecting afterward the trip raised many questions- what exactly were the forces there, could they effect change, how exactly did the forces work, and others. A great provocation for our unit- and a life experience- everybody should spend some time on the playground (well, perhaps not S., our teammate who broke a swing). I can’t wait to continue the learning.

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