Why I (Sometimes) Write


#sol19- October 22, 2019

It’s October and life is feeling a bit hard, but reading a few posts for inspiration I see I am not alone.

Sunday was the National Day on Writing and although I am not living in the US the last few years we have commemorated the day in class. We started by reading A Squiggly Story. 

“Yesterday was the National Day on Writing,” I said, and I want you to take a few minutes to reflect on why you write.”

“You can do this in any way you like. You can write in sentences or not, use color or not.  If you need more space use the other side of your paper, but we only have a few minutes before recess.”

There was a flurry of excitement (maybe because I said ‘recess’) and I was peppered with a few questions.

“Can we write whatever we want?”

“Of course, if it answers the question.”

“”Can I write just one reason?”

“Sure, if that is your one reason.”

“Can I write that I write because you make me?”

“If that is the reason you write.”

In the end, I loved the variety of their thinking and the way they presented their work. The picture does not do their words justice.


Sorry, you can not really read the words here…

Later, I reflected on my own reasons for writing and noticed that I have lots in common with my third graders. Sometimes I feel like I only write because someone makes me, but that someone is me. This year I am not writing nearly as much as I’d like and there are 101 reasons why- I have too many projects on the go at the moment and I am not juggling my time as well as I would like. When I looked at my reasons for writing I remembered why I like to write, and so here is a nudge to myself to make it more of a priority going forward. We are just two weeks away from starting a poetry unit and that will be just the push I need.



It makes me so happy that Zhi Hong (a student from 3 years ago) sends me his slice every Tuesday. If he can show up, then so can I!

7 thoughts on “Why I (Sometimes) Write

  1. Kate

    Good job pushing yourself to write! Sometimes it’s necessary to force myself to do something, but then months later I really find a good flow and realize that I love it once again. That’s the nature of habit, I suppose. Have you read any writing books lately to jump start? Or…maybe just the poetry unit with your third grader will do the trick. Hope so!

  2. edifiedlistener

    Like the way you allow kids to push and inspire you in one more way. It seems important to acknowledge the ways that writing puts us in connection with others directly or indirectly. The variety of your students’ responses hints at that potential.

  3. Terje

    Having students as inspiration makes a wonderful reason to write. I like that you also bring in the “Why I don’t write” twist.

  4. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    You nailed it- October IS hard! But this work is awesome. I love how your student keeps slicing…yes! And I am glad you took the time to celebration National Day on Writing with your students. Next year, I need to plan ahead more. We did some of the things I carved out but would like to have done a bit more.

  5. Ramona

    Love the way your students used color to express themselves. Maybe I need to add some color to my writing. And I love how you’re inspired by your former student. It was my students who inspired me to slice every day on my blog back in 2012 when I really just wanted to write in my notebook.


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