Travel Is Weird (and Wonderful)

#sol19- November 12, 2019

When my older son moved to S. Korea just over three years ago we both envisioned we’d see lots more of each other now that we were on the same continent, but it turns out life is busy, 6+ hours of flight time makes it less likely, our holidays infrequently aligned, etc. He last visited me a year ago August (my first weekend in my first apartment in Phnom Penh, so not ideal timing, but we made it work). So, now it was my turn. We thought about the summer, but his free time was not going to work for me.

So here it is Water Festival in Cambodia and a 5 day weekend so I ventured off for a visit, careful to keep my expectations low, because I knew things are never straightforward when visiting with Jason as our body clocks could not be more different.

Traveling solo continues to stress me, but I knew all would be well.

“I’m going to pick apples with friends on Saturday, so maybe we can meet up for dinner,” he said.

So I found the “airport limousine” (aka bus) that would take me to my hotel, managed to buy my ticket, find the bus, ride, and find my hotel with relative ease.

Via text he assured me he would let me know when they were leaving the orchard. Time passed and since I had missed lunch I was hungry, so I took the easy way out and ordered room service.

Sure enough a bit later he wondered if I wanted to get dinner “soon”- it was 8:20 and I was tired, so no. Originally he was going to share my hotel room Saturday and Sunday night, but he said he’d be over for breakfast Sunday (which meant about noon).

We had a good afternoon and evening- chatting, playing Phase 10, sightseeing, and eating. He’s applying for a new job, still teaching English, but more like real teaching and less like getting kids to fill in workbook pages so we also talked about teaching:)

Monday was back to work for him, so just a quick lunch and a belt purchase (yes, mom could not have him go to the job interview coming soon with the best up beat up belt being the only one he owned). Happily he took me to the bus ticket booth so I could sort out my ride back to the airport and know exactly where to pick it up across the way.

After a little late afternoon shopping for an upcoming baby shower I made the easy choice to buy kim bap to take back to the hotel for an early night (my son does not finish work until 10PM, so we said our goodbye after lunch).

So now I am on my way back home- Seoul- Hong Kong (where I currently wait)- Phnom Penh. Two flights, two time zones, and a who knows when we will next see each other. This parenting adults is a series of heartbreaks- I miss my sons more when I have just seen them, is that weird? Son #2 comes to see me in just over a month…

5 thoughts on “Travel Is Weird (and Wonderful)

  1. Came here through the blog “two writing teachers”.
    What can I say, you have to be exhausted and moms…..moms will be moms. I’m 37 and even though now because of her health problems it is me that has moved termporarely, I hope, until she gets well and taking care of her, up until her illness she would still call me if she hadn’t heard from me in 3 days was the max. I guess it´s in certain women the motherly thing. Grateful I am I was raised by women. And you definitely fit the bill of having that motherly “thing”-love towards your boy.

  2. I have a hard enough time living 2.5 hours away from my parents. I couldn’t imagine the distance. I cannot even begin to think about my little ones leaving the nest. Of course, I want them to be independent and to have full, rich lives like your sons have. But distance is hard.

  3. This is heartwarming. You are still a mom, even though your children are grown. What an experience for all of you! I love that your son went to pick apples – such a common experience, ti seems, the world over. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It can be so hard when our kids grow up and move out into the world. Of course this is what we wanted. This is what we raised them to do. But it’s still so hard. You are amazing the way you travel the world and travel such distances to see your boy. I’m glad you had some time together (and I’m glad your other son is coming soon). And no, I don’t think it’s weird that you miss them more right after you’ve seen them. I’ve had that same experience.

  5. You are one dedicated Mom! It must have meant a lot to your son that you traveled all that way to see him. It makes perfect sense to me that you’d miss them more once you’ve spent some time with them! Thank you for sharing.
    Laughter and Consistency

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