Now I Remember


#sol19- November 19, 2019

Many weeks ago when I scheduled this haircut it seemed reasonable. Today, leaving school at 3:30 I felt a little guilty- why does leaving an hour after the students feel a little sneaky? It was nice to get the hair wash/massage and catch up with my hairdresser, and I even started to relax and enjoy this mid-week treat.

I used my app to call for a tuk tuk and enjoyed waiting in the still bright sun. “I’m going home,” the caller said (ugh, that was the tuk tuk driver). “You cancel,” he added.

“YOU cancel,” I replied, as I always feel it reflects badly on me when I cancel, but in the end when he did not, I had to cancel so I could call another tuk tuk.

I decided to walk a bit- maybe I would have more luck in a different location. I walked to a grocery store and quickly walked the aisles only to pick up some oat milk.

At the exit, I again called a tuk tuk, and after a few minutes, I had a driver. Except I didn’t- on the map he was clearly driving in the opposite direction. After waiting a few more minutes I admitted defeat and hit cancel again. I tried once more and finally, it looked like I might be successful. The driver came quickly and he made a quick u-turn to point us in the right direction. Traffic was slllooow. The pollution seemed bad and I regretted not having my mask at the ready. In the end it took me 26 minutes to travel the just over 2 km- in reality, I could have walked it quicker, but here where every walk seems like a game of chicken, with few sidewalks and motos that see any remaining sidewalks as a short cut, it just was not going to happen.

There went my plans of making lentil soup- it would be too late by the time I finally got that done, so just before we pulled onto my street I used another app- this time to order some daal (their lentils tonight, mine tomorrow). Now I remember why I so rarely go out of my neighborhood on a school night. Ah, well!



6 thoughts on “Now I Remember

  1. I love reading your adventures in a place I don’t know. You do such a good job of bringing it to life and letting us know terms without telling us what they mean.

    And yes, you are allowed to leave school, even right when the kids leave, in order to do something good for yourself every now and then! Lose the guilt!

  2. I love how you took something so simple and made a whole slice about it! And yes, as Melanie and Stacey said, you absolutely get to leave. Not sneaky just necessary sometimes. 🙂

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