Ready, Set, Go!


#sol19- November 26, 2019

I can not believe that we have two and a half weeks until the first semester is over! Somehow this feels like the fastest year ever, yet as I sit and stew over reports I am amazed at how far these kiddos have come. I was watching them in the library today:

“Oh, Erika, look here is another one of those dragon books- I know who will want to read this after me!” said TH excitedly as he pulled a Dav Pilkey book off the shelf- this from a boy who really did not read much at all (and the same boy who recently received an email from Steve Jenkins responding to his gushing email admiring his nonfiction writing skills).

“We’re reading this out loud together,” M said, “but I want to check it out!”

“So do I!” said A.

“Not me, you two can decide who gets it,” answered Z, as they read on in All’s Faire in Middle School.

A’s mom had expressed worries at a conference early in the year that she was not much of a reader- no longer a worry.

“I found another one!” K brandished his find (another in the Notebooks of Doom series that several of his classmates are also devouring), “It’s really long, but I can read it!” He then moved to a couch to read part to a friend.

There were also others scattered across the space, all happily settled in with good books.

So, how do I share that kind of growth in a report? I love seeing the love of reading burgeoning in these third graders- it is a special kind of magic and today while report card stress may have me down I know how lucky I am to see it all up close!

4 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Fran Haley

    I can see this lively scene, these kids enjoying books – oh yes, it’s magic. Such energy you’ve fostered around reading! It’s more important than a report card will ever be. 🙂

  2. Betsy Hubbard

    Absolutely great message at the end. We do get to see it all and comments or scores can’t possibly capture the enormity of what goes on in a child’s learning and growing mind. Good luck with your reports. I had those this week as well and finished this afternoon. Such a weight off my shoulders. I wish you the same relief and hope you find a way to share the amazingness of those lucky kids you have in your room this year.


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