When Not Deciding Is Deciding (for now!)


#sol19- December 10, 2019

Eek! I have known for more than two months that my son arrives late night on December 24th, while my break starts at 12:30 December 13th. I entertained many ideas- considering (among other ideas) Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and more. I considered both beach and city- returning to a favorite place or trying something new. Time passed and I was no closer to a decision. What to do? The problem was I had no strong opinion. So, here we are- three days before break starts and I am not really any closer to a decision (although a few things have been ruled out by my procrastination- the tour group to Sri Lanka is now full). What I know is that I will at least stay in Phnom Penh through the weekend, then see if I am feeling restless. In the meantime, I am loading up my Kindle with lots of books from the two libraries I have cards to and making lists of things I will have time to do if I stay here. I am not feeling stressed about staying, nor panicked about not having definite plans, so all will be well- whatever I decide.

If you have ideas (not too far away) feel free to share, but for now, I am content to imaging lazy days near home.

4 thoughts on “When Not Deciding Is Deciding (for now!)

  1. Lazy days at home sound wonderful to me, actually! Those are exciting opportunities; that none of them seem to particularly call to you is intriguing. I cannot think what I would choose, but you’re tight – not deciding is deciding, essentially. You must share if anything develops! Here’s to your son’s safe arrival and a joyous holiday together.

  2. Your post points out the challenge of time off. So many choices. I like that no matter what you choose, you will get to be in another place via your kindle and the magic of reading! Enjoy your break, wherever it takes you.

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