I Might Have a Problem!


#sol20- January 14, 2020

I might have a problem (well, actually I have a few, but I know I can share this here). I am overly aspirational. I love the idea of so many things and happily source all the right tools, but do… well, there’s the stumbling block.

Just before the new year I eagerly joined #100daysofnotebooking and I LOVE it- I am back to daily writing and I love getting ideas from the people sharing there (and some of my students are doing it too!). So, of course I was inspired by the beautiful pages and I thought “I can do that too!”-ha! So when I saw a notice about a bullet journaling meet-up I thought “How perfect- I can bullet journal! Sounds fun!” Off I went Saturday morning to the local craft store, and there is where the trouble began.

First, I LOVE notebooks and the owner/organizer was “offering” a kit- a dotted notebook with two pens and a ruler for $15. So, of course because of my weakness in saying no to stationery (in spite of me bringing my current notebook and a fat pencil case stuffed with pens), I chose a kit. I have never done any bullet journaling and some in the group are clearly experts, so I asked them to share their “must have” sections” and vowed to not start my “bullet journal” until I had a more clear plan. So I started my list of pages I wanted to create and sorted them into yearly, monthly, and weekly. But then I was paralyzed, because the thing is, I am not artsy or neat enough to be satisfied with my messy work in something I deemed too special. So mostly I spent time listing and looking at other people’s work. But because we were in an actual craft store I also decided that some more tools would make it all better/easier, so I also bought some great stickers and a set of 24 two-sided markers (brush style and fine point) and played with my new ruler because it has one edge that is scalloped.

But after lunch with a friend who also attended I decided that I needed a few more tools from a wider selection, so off I went to a large stationery store and I bought some different colored Micron pens, a 48 pack of watercolor pencils, and two purple Energel pens. Now, surely I would be able to start my bullet journal!

Well, I have started it and I am really enjoying planning it all, but really, who did I think I was kidding? Mine is never going to be beautiful- I will have to be okay with functional and a bit playful/colorful. Neat and artsy is just not in my wheelhouse (“yet”, I try to tell myself with my growth mindset brain” “ever”, I say with my realistic view of my patience and willingness to devote the time needed to improve that).

So, a beautiful notebook is not what is happening, but I am notebooking daily (in my purple notebook) and beginning to use my bullet journal (it is blue). I realize I want both and I may will actually fill this one, as compared to so many partially filled notebooks of my past. My real problem here is an addiction to buying stationery supplies, but hey, at least everything will get used over time it is not money down the drain, and in the meantime, it is injecting some more play into my life.



6 thoughts on “I Might Have a Problem!

  1. dogtrax

    and unsightly,
    what contains
    my words barely hints
    at the beauty beneath

    — Kevin, thanks for the inspiration and I hope you fill your notebook with wonderful ideas during the 100 days — it’s good to be aspirational!

  2. aileenhower

    This is important, as I think it’s what’s keeping me (and my new, colorful pens) from notebook-ing a bit more. But the key is doing it, not thinking it has to be done like an expert out of the gate. This kind of relates to what I wrote about, so I appreciated making the connection. Thanks!

  3. Lakshmi Bhat

    I had seen my daughter paint glass bottles and was inspired. I had four small bottles and bought some paint. This was months ago and I have painted just one bottle 🙂 There is always something else to do !!

  4. glenda funk

    I have a solution to your bullet journal woes: stencils and stickers. They are magic. Photos taken at the just right angle look down-right almost like an experienced bullet journaled. Good luck!

  5. franmcveigh

    A purple notebook! YAY! And more new tools! Don’t let the super creative folks intimidate you! Add one piece of color somewhere every day. The caption. A box around your title. You have the “getting started” part down. Just build up your momentum! 🙂


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