There Might Have Been Screams!


#sol20- January 28, 2020

There might have been screams! We finally had the video working. For whatever reason, I could only show it via Facebook, so there was a first-me projecting a Facebook video at school!

We got a few seconds in and then the video froze. There were groans, but a quick refresh got it going again. There were loud cheers, a few groans, but overall such excitement. We were watching the last fifteen minutes of the ALA Youth Media Awards and we were captivated. We read books for our Mock Caldecott and Sibert Smackdown and heard the names of books we loved announced. It was our day to celebrate book love and those kids were all in! What a great way to spend some time on a Tuesday afternoon (and now we have books to add to our book shopping list!). Others could hear the screams of joy down the hall.

7 thoughts on “There Might Have Been Screams!

  1. It seems there may
    have been screams –
    maybe some laughter,
    too, in the in-betweens –
    where art meets
    paper meet story
    meets book,
    what we read
    in the pages,
    what lessons
    we took

    — Kevin, a comment in poem (your blog title caught my eye)

  2. I was excited, too, though I got the news much later. New Kid is one of our state reading list award nominees for 20-21; squeeee!

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