My Morning Commute


#sol20- February 4, 2020

My morning commute is only about eight minutes long, and I always enjoy it. It starts as Mr. Bo and I greet each other every weekday morning at 6AM and I climb into my seat (not my actual tuk-tuk, but it looks like this). Then we are off. On a recent morning I had my phone out to notice all that I passed, my trip included:

  • The cheerful crow of roosters- I love that there are chickens in the city (roaming free)
  • Watering the sidewalks (as businesses open the dust from the day before either gets swept away or more frequently, gets washed away by the worker wielding the hose
  • The older couple exercising to some video on their iPad- I can see them every day through the gate on their shophouse- today they even had a neighbor chatting with them through the grate as they worked out
  • Hammock sleepers- security guards who work through the night often have a hammock slung between two poles or trees. Sometimes there are hammock sleepers in the back of a truck or almost any other available space
  • Funny cargo- in Phnom Penh you see everything- from butchered pigs on the back of motorcycles to precarious piles of random who knows what
  • Barbecues fired up- meat is ready for passersby
  • Street sweepers, literally- often older women, seeping the street by hand.
  • Factory trucks- these open top trucks have people packed in to drive them to their work at nearby factories, often garment factories if they are female or brick factories if they are male
  • Construction workers gathering at dark sites-some to start their shift, others ending theirs
  • Lots of chrysanthemums (from Chinese New Year)
  • A few stray dogs, remarkably well behaved and staying out of the traffic
  • Waves of smells (some good, some not so good)

I love my daily commute and the reminder that I am lucky to live here and experience all these new things.  It is never routine!


2 thoughts on “My Morning Commute

  1. dianeandlynne

    What a great way to start the day. Observing your surroundings and being grateful for them opens up the day for you. Thanks for sharing


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