Music to My Ears! A New Routine


#sol20- February 11, 2020

I’m pretty sure it started with Z, who was new to English last year, wanting to read aloud to the class after finding a book at the library (of course I said yes).

Then recently it started in earnest when two boys found a book during our weekly library visit that they wanted to share with the class. They dragged me into it and we did a read aloud of Cheetah Can’t Lose.   Several students now call that their favorite read aloud of the year. Another duo picked a book the following week, but unfortunately one of the students missed a chunk of school due to her parents’ concern about the Corona Virus so their turn was put on hold. So, today they were on for The Recess Queen.

Several others vied for the chance to read today, so we had to set up a system. Sign-ups are now on our book talk calendar and the anticipation of next Tuesday is already building. Tuesday has now become our “kids get to read aloud to the class day” because I love read aloud too much to not be the reader more often than that. I LOVE being with a group of kids who get excited to read and be read to. Today’s discussion about the read aloud led to all kinds of messages, from bullying, to standing up for yourself, to anxiety about being new and not knowing norms, and more. This community is built one book at a time and it is glorious! It seems we have a new Tuesday bonus read aloud to look forward to each week (because you know I will still read aloud on Tuesdays too)! #booklove

3 thoughts on “Music to My Ears! A New Routine

  1. Love love love the “kids get to read aloud to the class day” – a fabulous way to share the love of books and language. Nothing does it so well as a read aloud; I imagine shy kids suddenly getting the courage to do this, inspired by their peers …Bravo!

  2. The shared community you’ve built around read alouds is awesome! I love you have students excited about reading! I miss that or I miss helping students find that excitement. Either way, this makes me happy today! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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