At Least It’s Fresh?


#sol20- February 18, 2020

At least it’s fresh, I tell myself when I see scenes like this on my way to school.

Yep, those are pigs. 
Sorry this is so blurry, I was afraid I’d miss the chicken picture. Lots of chickens, many clucking, hanging upside down. 

Most days I see sights like this on my way to work. I do appreciate less processed, “real” food, but this might be a little too real for me. It really reminds me where my food comes from and no wonder I am eating less meat than ever before. I am happy to have lots of organic food choices here, so there’s that. At least it’s all fresh.

2 thoughts on “At Least It’s Fresh?

  1. Egads – that is too fresh for me as well! It’s also just all hanging out there … I am definitely going to have to eat salads today. Amazing job capturing those shots, though!

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