#SoL20- Day 9- When It Does Not Pay to Plan Ahead


#sol20- March 9, 2020

Today I am thinking of my busy brain and all the times I have planned ahead at school, only to have my “best-laid plans” changed when as time went by the parameters changed.  Sometimes it feels like those last-minute non-planners have the advantage, as they save the time I “wasted” planning ahead.

My small moment today was thinking from that other person’s point of view- they might say…

Don’t worry, Erika, there’s plenty of time.

Let’s wait to see how it all plays out.

There could still be changes we do not know about yet.

There’s no rush.

But in my brain I hear:

Do it now- then you do not have to stress at the last minute.

Get it done now, so you can relax later.

Better to get it started than have to rush.

You know you take a long time to get things done- you can make changes later.


I know there is no one best way, but sometimes I wish I could take the more last minute way… I stress myself I know!

4 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 9- When It Does Not Pay to Plan Ahead

  1. As someone who tends to take the last minute way, it’s not a fun way! There are many days I wish my brain would be more “get it done now and relax” vs. “it will all work out, just roll with it.”

    Either way, thank you for letting us take a peek inside your thought process! 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  2. I’m with Darin here. I’m a last minute under pressure planner. It gets done with inordinate stress. Your think ahead outlook is smart. Those best laid plans can always be used later. 🙂

  3. Isn’t that just it!? We want to get ahead but it is so challenging to plan when so much can change in an instant. I have a lot of last minute plans with approaching deadlines, hopeful I’ll find the time to get to it all and wishing I’d planned ahead better, yet–here we are! 🙂

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