#SoL20- Day 11- My Moment to Shine?


#sol20- March 11, 2020

Today we had the third annual ISPP’s Got Talent (elementary version). The student council organizes this event and this year there were 23 acts (happily skits were not allowed, so it was fairly fast-paced). The staff always has a “surprise” entry- last year we were a band, where I rocked the shaker (which actually was a stretch for me as I have no rhythm).

This year, Danielle, our music teacher had another idea.  It is a particularly buy time, so we did not have time to really work on anything (the band last year took at least a few real practices). We watched the video, had a 10-minute practice and called it good to go! We planned our costume more than we practiced- we agreed on dark shorts, a white t-shirt, goggles, a swim cap, and flippers.

There were seven of us-two holding the “water” and five of us “swimming”. We marched on in relative synch, had our entry into the “water” well-choreographed and then split into two groups. I was in the flipper group and we had a quick routine while the others flopped their arms around, then we switched roles. Our finale had us all demonstrating our skills.

In the end, of course, we were not synchronized, but we had fun and we were funny. It definitely ended the show on a comedic note. Luckily it was only a two minute performance.

The students were definitely “impressed” or at least amused. My highlight-one of my students commented that I look good in shorts-ha, so much for my synchronized swimming skills!


2 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 11- My Moment to Shine?

  1. This sounds like great fun! I’m not necessarily a get-up-and-do the fun and games in front of students, but I might have been able to get ‘in the swim’ of this one! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Funny! What good sports you all are. Kids need that and love to see their teachers being vulnerable. I’m sure it was a great community builder!

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