#SoL20- Day 16- Planner or Pantser


#sol20- March 16, 2020

Today was supposed to be a day to plan to get things right, since our school announced an indefinite closure due to Corona Virus on Saturday. It ended up being a day of stops and starts.

The good news- we got our initial Seesaw post out to communicate a few basics to the families. We redid our schedule when the parameters changed. We made lots of agreements within our team to divide up some of the seemingly endless mountain of tasks.

The bad news- there is soooo much to do before it all officially starts on Wednesday. We have the first three days planned, but now it’s time to work on the next steps.

I am trying to balance my need for small details while it feels a bit like we are building the plane while in mid-flight. A real challenge for sure, but I know teachers around the world get it. Trying to be more of a pantser, a style I usually only take on while writing…

2 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 16- Planner or Pantser

  1. Your commitment to helping students rings loud and clear in this post! So much care and effort to ensure they keep learning. I am taking a class and it, too, just switched from inperson to online. The professor emailed and said they “plan to follow a simple distance learning routine – wash, since, repeat, if you will. We plan to apply this idea to our work and it’s something you might consider with your students, too.” I share as I thought it was good advise. And duh,,,isn’t that what workshop is, a routine! Hang in there.

  2. I can totally relate. I love your metaphor of building an airplane mid-flight because that is totally what it feels like. We will manage and do what we do best as teachers – be flexible! Good luck!

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