#SoL20- Day 17- Comfort for Us All


#sol20- March 17, 2020

I wrote yesterday about what I will keep and change as we begin this online learning transition. One thing I said I wanted to keep is our read-aloud time. I am approaching that in two ways. Our chapter book I am reading in 10-minute chunks and then posting on a Padlet. Our daily #classroombookaday has taken a short hiatus but will return Friday once we are more settled into our new routines. I plan to Zoom with the class each weekday at 2:15, our usual read-aloud time and that just feels too hard for all to manage right away. I know not all will be able to attend “live” so I will share the recording with all afterward. I know there is some question about copyright guidelines, but my best understanding is that this is okay as long as I am not making it public or posting online.

Today I received a quick email from a student after she listened to the first part I recorded:

“Dear Ms.Erika

Thank you for sending me you reading the wild robot I almost cried because I missed you so much you made it feel like your right in front of me and like I was in the book.”
Ack- that made ME cry right there in my empty classroom.
In this challenging time, it is the small things that bring comfort. As I sit at home in my quiet apartment after a full day at school with only teachers, reading a few chapters aloud, I look forward to sharing the next section with our class tomorrow. It is almost like they are right here in the room with me.

5 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 17- Comfort for Us All

  1. claire talavera

    This is so sweet! What a great way to continue your read aloud. A little continuity is definitely comforting for all.

  2. Ramona

    “In this challenging time, it is the small things that bring comfort.” A teacher still doing read aloud with her students, bringing the comfort of her voice and routine to her students.


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