#SoL20- Day 20-Happiness Is


#sol20- March 20, 2020

Happiness is starting our day with Morning Meeting with our class- with a bubble of excitement as they “see” each other via Zoom. We talked about their highlights of the first few days of online school and several kids shared their workspace, siblings, and creations. Happiness is also ending our school day with a Zoom read aloud- keeping some routines in these topsy turvy times. Happiness is also kids teaching kids when one classmate could not figure out how to access our chapter book read aloud another student coached. That same student had insisted on going to a coffee shop with her mom because wifi was out at home so that she could be there for the live picture book read aloud. #togetherwearebetter

Now a weekend where I will look for that “free time” others talk about!

3 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 20-Happiness Is

  1. Terje

    How wonderful that you have focused on happiness and lead your kids with this. I have kept some routines too – like mindfulness and read aloud – with my students. I finished the week with what went well both with my students and my teacher team. Gratitude builds resilience.


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