#SoL20- Day 21- My Treat!


#sol20- March 21, 2020

I had to run a silly errand today and then (even though I probably should not have) I went to the book store because I ordered these books two months ago and they were finally in. My friends, Emily, said, “You should buy yourself a treat while you’re out.”

“I’m buying a stack of books,” I answered (nine books totaling about $200 as it happened). “That’s my treat.”

But her suggestion pulled at me. It had been a hard week- our first week online and so busy! I tried to treat myself to some new sneakers for the indoor exercise I am going to be having to do, and although there were two styles I wanted neither was available in my size.

I really did want to make it a quick trip (so quick, in fact, that I did not even stop at the office supply/stationery store!), so my next opportunity was, no surprise, at the book store. They had the notebook I wanted a few weeks ago, but I had already started another one and even have a few on deck, so I could not rationalize that.

Then I decided I wanted comfort, so went to the cookbook aisle. I do not own many cookbooks, as online recipe searching is so easy. But I do love poring over books in all forms, so pulled out Jamie Oliver’s Veg. Being in this part of the world means almost all books in stores are wrapped in plastic, so I had to decide based only on the cover. I am nearly vegetarian, only eating meat occasionally and the blurb on the back advertised “Easy and delicious meals for everyone” and I am trying to cook more. Then there was its size- it was hardcover and nearly A4 size, so substantial. It was expensive though, $43, what was that all about?  Needless to say, I took it with me. I am looking forward to taking some slow moments to spend time within its pages. After unwrapping it I can confirm there are recipes that are drool-worthy, but achievable, however, one thing I had not considered was the measurements I will have to translate (never mind self-raising flour). Who knows, I may even vary from my habitual overnight oatmeal as I ogle a rippled smoothie bowl that looks delicious.  So, yes, I bought myself a treat.

5 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 21- My Treat!

  1. sallydonnelly11

    We posted next to each other!! Which surpises me because I’m posting a little late for me on a Sat and so you are even later!! I loved reading about your treat to yourself!! I like the Barefoot Cadessa’s cookbooks and they are also expensive. I’m glad you splurged! You are worth it!! Happy Reading and Cooking!!

  2. Anita Ferreri

    I can understand the appeal of a comforting cookbook in these uncertain times. I have been cooking more elaborate meals, for myself, perhaps because they bring me comfort. I need to get more exercise, though!

  3. Elizabeth M Rimkunas

    I really like the way you crafted this slice. The initial book order was not ¨a treat¨ for having gotten through your first week of online. So, the cookbook, with its hefty pricetag was a treat. One that you can enjoy over and over. What a good time to experiment with new recipes. Iḿ a vegetarian too!

  4. Juliette Awua-Kyerematen

    We went on that errand with you. Throughout your choices and decision making we were with you. I guess as these are odd times, anything that makes you feel a bit spoilt is welcome. Enjoy your new cookery book.

  5. aggiekesler

    You and I are so similar it’s scary! I love, love, love bookstores and buying books of all sorts. I’m also a vegetarian who loves a good cookbook! Share some of the recipes here that you like…so we can all benefit! 🙂


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