#SoL20-Day 25-Just One Line


#sol20-Day 25

Today I got an email, just a few words, a short line…

“I really miss you Ms Erika 😞
I might have cried. I hope these kids knew how much I love and miss them too. Today when we met for our second Zoom of the day (we start the day with Morning Meeting and end with read aloud, just like always) one of them said when we were saying goodbye, “That was so short.” I knew what she meant. After spending five days a week together all year to just share a few minutes bookending the “school day” does not seem nearly enough. My heart hurts.

5 thoughts on “#SoL20-Day 25-Just One Line

  1. mrsbrunowrites

    Your heartbreak is evident through your entire piece. That one line is awful isn’t it. I find myself holding on to the sweet moments like that across an entire day. We could have so many moments when we were at school, but now we are lucky for one or two. Sad for us and them!

  2. Heather Sox

    This is so hard, and it is breaking my heart too. I’m so sorry. We will get through this, and everything you are able to do virtually is helping those kids!


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