#SoL20- Day 26- The Time When I Lost All My Cash


#sol20- March 26, 2020

Last week I transferred most of my money to my US bank account. Having heard stories about life here in other emergencies I wanted to be sure my money would be safe (and really I should have been transferring money all along, but just never did). I also took a large chunk of money out in cash, leaving only a minimum in the account. I have a safe at home so rationalized that the money would be better off in my home where I could access it in an emergency, anticipating that the city might be under lockdown soon.

Last night I went out with the safe door open by mistake and upon returning a few hours later I locked it again and gave it no more thought. Early this morning I was trying to transfer money for my rent payment but needed to check my bank balance to be sure I had enough in the account before being paid on Friday. I grabbed my bank book from the safe to check my account number to enter it on the website. Kind of as a good luck sign I decided to look at my cash–and it was not in the wallet I keep in the safe… It also was not in the US wallet I keep there too.

I tried not to panic and continued on my mission, checking my balance and happily confirming I did have enough in the bank, so made the transfer. Meanwhile, I was engaging in a healthy dose of self-talk. “It’s only money,” I told myself. “If there is an emergency here I have enough people here I know can help out.”

Returning my bank book bank to the safe I unzipped the pouch it had been in and had a sudden flash of insight-the money had NOT been in the wallet, but rather in an envelope in that same pouch. With a feeling of calm I peeked inside and sure enough, there it was. Proving once again I have too many good hiding places and that panicking never solves problems. Phew, what a relief. I told a friend today, “Let me tell you about the time I lost $x000.” I was ready to laugh about it.

5 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 26- The Time When I Lost All My Cash

  1. Your slice communicates the panic one feels when what you are looking for is missing, especially when it is something important or necessary. Glad you found the $. Maybe a few fewer hiding places would be good.

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