#SoL20- Day 29- My Virtual Social Life Begins


#sol20- March 29, 2020

The new kind of fun- a Zoom happy hour. A friend in Kuala Lumpur brought us together for our first such event. Friday night I noticed a “home care kit” advertised by a local distillery. I do not drink often, but when I do I like gin and I had finally just tried out this place that happens to be on my street at the start of the month.

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 8.07.16 PM

Since we were going to have a happy hour I thought I’d splurge. After making my order a few minutes later I walked down the 10 flights of stairs to pay for my purchase- both of us in masks. Then it was time for a quick shower before our meet up.

My next challenge- I had no idea how to make a gin and tonic, but thank you Google- sorted that. Just in time I slid into my seat and entered the (virtual) room. Linnea and Kim were waiting, but ack, my sound was not working, so I backed out and entered again and all was fine.

We spent over an hour chatting and laughing and catching up. Linnea’s sister who is visiting was in and out. It was all so lovely and made me ever so grateful that technology allows us to be together is a new way.

Next up, Linnea has e-vited us to dinner on Tuesday where she wants us to ogle some new recipes she is trying. Living alone I think I am going to have to start some of these events myself so I have some outlet other than work! It is a strange new world, but today I am grateful for friends!

5 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 29- My Virtual Social Life Begins

  1. Fran Haley

    My first thought on reading this is all the fun I could have playing with the double meaning of “spirits”! Virtual happy hour ,, who’d have thought … cheers to all and here’s to keeping spirits up.

  2. sallydonnelly11

    Technology is definitely helping us navigate this current world we live in. I enjoyed my first family meeting online – us in Virginia, one daughter in New Jersey and the other in Toulouse, France. Much more fun to see faces and chat for a while. Almost as if all where around the same dining room table in person! Stay well.

  3. TLC

    One of the good things coming out of this time is the connecting I am doing with friends who love farther away. If we are healthy, we should be grateful and take advantage of these opportunities.

  4. deborahdillon

    This is wonderful in every way! I love the Home Care Kits, I love that you had a wonderful time “gathering” with your friends, and I love that you shared this with us. You have given me impetus to Zoom with my siblings, soon!


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