Strange Times Indeed, When I Voluntarily Exercise


#sol20- April 14, 2020

It is Khmer New Year, sort of, so I have break. Officially the holiday was postponed last week by the prime minister, due to the Corona virus and the tradition of traveling to the provinces for the holiday. Travel between different provinces is forbidden and people have been encouraged to continue working, with the promise that it would be made up once the current crisis is over.

Aside from that, there have not been many precautions taken in regards to the pandemic aside and I feel like I am at a bit of “higher risk” as I had lung surgery (and half my lung removed) when I was 13. Consequently, I have been more “socially isolated” than most people I know here. The official rate here is pretty low here (122 as of yesterday), but that seems mostly due to really low testing rates. Health care is lacking here, so my best plan is to not get sick, right?! I am comforted that most of the teachers from school have also stayed here. But as time passes I am more and more wary and really only am going “outside” to go downstairs to collect grocery deliveries.

I LOVE walking and miss it (my apartment is in a great neighborhood that many might not walk in, but I used to). So Sunday, push came to shove and I decided I had to get moving. I went on the Decathlon website and made my purchases, grateful for free delivery.

Today the order came: a mat, shorts, flip flops, sneakers, and… an exercise bike. The website advertised 45 minutes of assembly. I HATE assembly. After unpacking I can verify that I still HATE assembly and find visual directions quite confusing. I took off all the plastic, made it through the first few steps relatively easily, figuring out the screws, washers, etc. It was only near the end that it got really challenging. The directions clearly said one person was all that was needed to assemble it, but really, holding the handlebars while getting the three screws in-challenging! But I did it! I made it through all nine steps and sent a picture to a friend.

“It looks great! Does it work?” she asked.

“I need to recover from assembly stress,” I replied. I was actually feeling pretty proud that it had only taken me disc one of Hamilton to get it done (that might be more than the designated 45 minutes, but, whatever!).

My curiosity got the better of me and a few minutes later I donned my new sneakers (to be worn only inside, now I have no excuses to do a little yoga, Pilates or something else too) and climbed aboard.  I am the opposite of an exercise lover, but it was actually fun to watch my speed, heart rate, calories burned, etc. It might not be the perfect living room focal piece, but hey, there are benefits to living alone- nobody is going to tell me it looks out of place.

So now I have the rest of break to start some healthier habits.


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