Creative Problem Solving or Dumb Luck?


#sol20- April 21, 2020

They say “Necessity is the mother of invention” and I like to think of myself as a kind of workaround wizard. I can often figure out ways to solve problems (especially those connected to technology) that work, although they are not necessarily the most efficient/easiest. I came across Gwen Blumberg’s genius workaround video for getting your phone to act like a document camera so that you can create split screen videos on the Facebook TCRWP site the week before last and I was all set to make my own version over my break. But here’s the thing, I am also lazy and was lacking a few supplies I saw as key (strong magnets).

Previously I had dug out my very old personal document camera. It is at least 8 years old and while it was safely ensconced in a case I had no idea where the disk was with the required software (nor do I have a computer that could access said disk). I halfheartedly plugged in my doc camera and was not really surprised when it did not seem to work, so I put it away again. But Gwen’s video was so tempting and split screening sometimes would be so useful, so then I turned my research/problem solving brain on.  What if some of the apps she said were necessary could also help me with my semi defunct doc camera? The visualizer app seemed to be the key (and it is a free app, so no worries if it failed).

A little time Googling and a little experimentation and it turned out I could indeed make it work with my doc camera! I could split screen! It also makes some read alouds easier, although not always.

Just a practice shot! 

It is little things like this that are making me smile right now! See, now I just have to find reasons to use it.

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