A Visitor- Good or Bad?


#sol20- April 28, 2020

I was in full suds mode washing my dinner dishes when out of the corner of my eye I sensed movement. Now, I live alone and I live in the tropics, so movement usually means an unwelcome pest.

Did I want to investigate or should I file that under the “it’s better to not know” list of things I am better off pretending I do not know?

Well, curiosity got the better of me and happily, it was a tiny gecko. Waaaaay better then the monster cockroach I was starting to conjure up.

Geckos always cheer me up- if I have to have “wild” animals in my apartment who wouldn’t want one that eats bugs? For whatever reason, I only ever see tiny ones in this apartment and they are so cute. I love on the tenth floor, so have no idea how they get up here or where they go when they get big. The pictures below may or may not be the same one I saw that night, but definitely the same size. I threw the playing card down so I could show how tiny it/they truly are. I love the chirps they make and I love that so far they are afraid of me and never come too close.

After being in my apartment alone for so long I have to say I welcome gecko companionship- is that weird?

6 thoughts on “A Visitor- Good or Bad?

  1. Oh, geckos are so cute! I do wonder how he made it to the 10th floor? Elevator maybe? I was imagining a much bigger visitor when you said you live in the tropics – I was thinking some kind of monkey!

  2. I appreciate you adding scale to the photo by using the playing card. He is a cute little thing!
    I also like how you are displaying Goodreads on your blog. I’m going to figure out how to do that! Thanks for always being a good mentor!

  3. Hey! We have even named ours. One is called Mr. Sh*&s for obvious reasons. It seems we are always vacuuming his droppings and he is a part of the “lockdown” family for sure. Though I don’t think anyone would mind if he goes for a walk, unlike us ;(

  4. Wow–the photo shows it even tinier than I had imagined. I enjoyed how your piece moved from not being sure you wanted to know what was there to finding it companionable.

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