90 Days of Gratitude


#sol20- May 5, 2020

The Gift of Reconnecting- it sounded like just what I needed.  Kavita Tanna from Inspire Citizens and Tonya Gilchrist from Erin Kent Consulting were facilitating this five session workshop last week and the week before. There were about 12 of us, from all over the world and it was a breath of fresh air for a total of five hours. The takeaways were many, but one of the lasting things is a reminder that gratitude is something that can be learned, practiced, and is so beneficial from every angle. A challenge that Kavita mentioned she was going to take on afterward is a 90 Day Gratitude Challenge. She shared a booklet she was going to be working from and that was the nudge I needed.

It starts with a rationale and research. You get tips for building habits. Every day starts with a quote- I LOVE quotes! There are three simple prompts: “I am grateful for___. because____.” “What am I looking forward to today (or tomorrow)?” and then one unique prompt for each of the 90 days.

So, here I sit on day 5 and I am up and down, often within the span of 10 seconds.  I am grateful that I am taking the time to document the good and see that sometimes it is the anchor to my day.  It reminds me there are good things going on in my life amidst all the not. I made the decision some years ago that I was going to be the person who smiled- not in that fake, saccharine way, but in a genuine, I am a happy person way.  Holding on to gratitude is something I need right now and these 90 days will help to grow me. Today I had to write about the biggest accomplishment in my personal life and without question, it is raising two sons. Pausing to reflect on them I could see them both at their own crossroads right now- one “graduating” from law school on Friday and the other starting a teacher certification program this week. Can another person be my accomplishment? I guess not, really, but loving and being loved is an accomplishment, right?

Random thoughts on my Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “90 Days of Gratitude

  1. I so enjoyed reading your random thoughts! This slice show how much a learner you are. But then after learning, you do it! I predict you will learn much about yourself over the next 90 days. Congrats to your sons, too! They are definitely an accomplishment in my opinion.

  2. Good for you, Erika! Day 5 of 90 days of gratitude. Thanks for explaining the process. And yes, you definitely can say that raising your two sons is a great personal accomplishments! Kudos to you and them. How exciting they are both at crossroads now, and you helped get them there.

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