#sol20- May 19, 2020

Something I have noticed is this time is really demanding so much rebranding. Schools have had to drastically change their model, as have so many businesses. I have tried to support some local businesses because the economy here in Cambodia is fragile in the best of times, so I keep my eye on Facebook (in this part of the world Facebook is the primary news source).

Ministry of Cat is a local cat cafe, that had to close due to the virus and successfully fostered out all of the cats that had been living there awaiting adoption, but they did not have a huge menu (or big staff), so takeout wasn’t really something they could offer. They pretty quickly pivoted and ran a successful GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to keep their rescue operation and continued offering boarding facilities (super smart, as some expats did flee).

Then they did something totally new- they started a “line of homemade culinary products, straight from our cafe’s kitchen. Inspired by the traditional tapas bars of Madrid and Melbourne’s hip cafes, prepared in small batches and using time-honoured recipes, our condiments, sauces and relishes will enhance any dish.” Over the last few weeks bit by bit they shared the vivid descriptions of the products and I was hooked. They then built interest by sharing that deliveries would only be made twice a week, ooh, exclusivity! I perused the options and was sold on the “opening week” specials with free delivery of you ordered three jars.

Saturday my big day arrived: eggplant chutney, kefir, and dulche de leche- a rather eclectic range, is what I chose. Then those smart rebranders snuck this postcard in my delivery bag:

To top it all off, each of my choices is YUM! So, why yes, I will be subscribing, but once or twice a month… they might have dropped the ball there- I would have happily committed to a weekly delivery! I can feel good supporting a local enterprise and eat well too!

1 thought on “Rebranding

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Love this Erika! It is amazing how companies are pivoting and finding different ways to get their products out there. I am glad you were able to support a business you care about. How are things in Cambodia?


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