“Is there a time we could all meet tomorrow?”


#sol20- June 2,  2020

“…It is nothing to worry about- just a couple of questions about next year.”

So went the email my team received from our principal last Thursday afternoon. Immediately we all were worried- had we done something wrong? No, we tried to console ourselves, it was likely just a question about class placements. When the EAL teacher could not make the designated time the principal emailed, “That’s fine. It is very quick and you don’t need to come we can fill you in afterward.” So we were still none the wiser. Am I the only one who still dreads “being called to the principal’s office”? Our principal is actually really nice and not scary, but old habits die hard.

Friday just before the appointment I joined the Zoom meeting and was alone… a few minutes later a grade 5 colleague joined the meeting. “Oh, so it is not just our team, I wonder who else is coming,” I said.

“No idea,” he replied.

We waited a few minutes and one by one people joined the meeting and it became clear that it was the teachers from grade 3 and grade 5.

“There’s no easy way to tell you this,” the principal began and my mind went blank.

It turns out that the evening before our school board had decided to add a section of great 3 for the next school year. We usually have three classes per grade, but there were many new applicants in grade 3 that have siblings in other grades that could be accommodated, so they made the change. What it meant practically was that grade 3 and grade 5 would have to change classrooms, as the only hallway with an “extra” classroom is where grade 5 currently is (grade 5 had to move last spring because of a similar situation).

Well, somehow that silenced us all. At the end of the second to last week of school, in our tenth week of online school, we were at a loss for words. After a minute to let it sink in we asked a few logistical questions and pretty quickly the meeting ended. It was what it was and there wasn’t anything really we could do or say.

Not how I imagined I would spend time this last week of school-packing up my classroom for a move, but really the school has been helpful. Our fabulous TA’s have been called in to do packing over the last two days. Today our stuff was getting moved and now we have TA’s who will unpack. So things will definitely not be all set up as we might like it, but bit by bit we will get there (whether that is in now or later this summer-in preparation for in person or online school- still tbd) .

Just a little something to spice up those last days of school. (The bonus for grade 3 is that we have smaller classes, but all this shifting means the timetable has had to change and other domino effects as well). I guess the lesson to me is once again, expect the unexpected!



3 thoughts on ““Is there a time we could all meet tomorrow?”

  1. Future good for students and teachers as you add another teammate. And yet present change and uncertainty! Totally understand that anxiousness that sits in the stomach when “summoned to the principal’s office! It’s real!

  2. We had to do a flip flop like that last year but were told on the last day of school. Although I was frustrated when the news came, it ended up being great for out team. I hope it is as positive for yours.

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