Summer Challenges #lifelonglearner


#sol20- June 9, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I get a little stressed if I do not have a little routine in the summer, so I like to line up some (but not too much) summer learning opportunities. This summer, while different in so many ways, I still wanted to ensure there was some time for new learning too.

My friend, Kim, is a music teacher and she is going to be teaching a summer program on Garage Band, so I told her I would love to make that one of my summer projects too.  Tonight in our weekly Zoom after our initial conversation about what we are reading,  watching, and doing right now she started to share some of what she was going to start with her students. I am a real beginner- I know Garage Band exists and I have had some students use it in the past, but they had to be self-sufficient because I have no knowledge (yet).

She was using her iPad and sharing the screen with me but I could not hear anything from Garage Band, only her talking. We went back and forth for a minute and then I remembered something I had recently learned about Zoom where I had to have the screen I wanted to share already open before sharing to get the sound to play. With that tip, it all worked. I love that we were able to troubleshoot the issue. Kim is an excellent teacher and since I did not have my iPad with me she was having me make choices on her iPad. What I love is because of her passion and teaching skills (and the marvels of technology) I was able to create an actual piece of music in just a few minutes.

After that fun, our conversation moved on to decolonizing music and making changes in what we use as mentors to better represent world music and how “the canon” needs to represent our knowledge and beliefs better. We talked about the struggle some people have in moving on from “the way it has always been” and finding new resources for now. She talked about changes they had made in their music program over the last few years and the changes yet to come. I love having friends who are willing to do the work.

This will be a different sort of summer for sure, but I have some plans for learning (and time for not learning too). Garage Band is just a start (well, I am also reading my fourth book of the summer- not bad for day 4 of my break).

3 thoughts on “Summer Challenges #lifelonglearner

  1. That sounds like a great plan. I don’t know much about Garage Band either. I suspect we will be offered a lot of online learning options too, especially since September is still such an unknown.

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