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#sol20- June 16, 2020

We have been out of school just over a week and it was time for our first “Writing Camp”. Knowing that I wanted to write over the summer and hoping that some of my students would want to also I had proposed that we meet up on six Tuesdays this summer, for some drop-in writing.

Last night I got an email from one student asking for the Zoom link again, so I figured I would at least have one companion. It turned out that there were just three of us, but what fun we had! B. started by sharing her “tiny projects”. She has been making mini everything and showed folders, notebooks, Kindles, TV screens, Uno cards, and more that she has made teeny tiny versions of because “it’s fun!”. A., the boy who emailed last night had less to say, but watched and listened.

We decided that we would write for about 15 minutes and then share if we wanted. I talked about how I wanted to start by making a new heart map, as my summer writing might be different. A. mostly kept his camera and microphone off, but B. alternated between chat and quiet writing.

A few minutes early, B. Said, “I’m finished!”

“Oh, what do you want to do next?” I asked.

“I could add a picture.”

Then A. piped up, “I’m finished too- I can make mine better.”

A. was eager to share at the end and read us his adventure story starring his potato Olympian (we had done Potato Olympics in the last week of school- glad it inspired him!).

Before we went our separate ways we talked a bit about what our day ahead looked like and what we might do before next Tuesday. We talked about how we were missing our class and I know that is a lot of why we each showed up this morning. I have had some emails/Google chats from students, a few have posted to Seesaw, and I can see that almost all of them have checked Seesaw, who knows why. We already miss our community, and it has only been 10 days.  I mentioned that I knew I would write more later as it was my slicing day and B. said, “Write about us.” I love that these two took time to write with me today!

The last day of school already feels like long ago, yet we are all settling into this different kind of summer- a lot quieter for sure!

2 thoughts on “Write About Us

  1. You had me at your title! I just had to read to see who asked this.
    What a charming piece, and so good of you to continue to offer connection to your kiddos after school is out, and I love how you appreciate all their creativity and allow the quieter one to do what they need to do. Lovely memory, and I hope your little zoom group continues for awhile (until they don’t need you.)

  2. What a great idea to have a writing camp. That is wonderful that some of your students are coming to Zoom meeting to write with you. I am glad they advised you to write about them. Thanks for sharing.

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