A Reminder to Me Not to Prejudge


#sol20- July 7, 2020

Thanks to Michelle Haseltine’s #100daysofnotebookingandbeyond! July bingo challenge I had something to write about today. I have a small pile of random things I want to one day put in my notebook, so today I chose one and wrote around it.


I do not often save tickets or other small mementos, I have a tendency to have too much clutter, so I try to curb it in this way. Looking back on this today filled me with so many emotions, which is the way everything is striking me lately. It was a beautiful day at a lovely exhibit at a surprisingly enjoyable museum. Over and over I learn that the more I learn the more I want to learn and that day was filled with wonder as I learned more about art and my son’s hometown of that time. As an East coast city snob, I had approached my first visit to Arkansas as a “have to” trip, but by the time this visit rolled around I knew I would enjoy my time and went with a much more open mind. He moved away just two months later and this summer was going to be my chance to see my son’s current hometown before he moves on, but alas, it is not to be. Who knows what treasures I missed there? In a month and a half, he is on the move again.

4 thoughts on “A Reminder to Me Not to Prejudge

  1. sallydonnelly11

    I appreciate your honest slice. I guess I am also an “East Coast snob” and also am not sure what the South would offer if I visited. Your post reminds me to stay open minded! I also feel your pain at not being free to travel this summer. So hard. So much will be missed. Glad you can instead today, relive a past visit with your son. Stay safe and well.

  2. Terje

    A day filled with wonder – good that you had a nudge to look back at it. This summer will be more memory than discovery time for many.

  3. Tim Gels

    Just this past Sunday some dear friends of ours moved to northwest Arkansas. When they told us they were moving, I have to confess I didn’t have any sort of opinion about the state. It doesn’t fit into any of the boxes I’ve constructed in my mine (east coast, midwest, west, southwest, etc), so it was a blank for me. I’ve done just a bit of reading, though, and look forward to visiting the state in the future. Thanks for sharing this, Erika!

    1. Ramona

      Having grown up in the neighboring state of Oklahoma, I’m glad to see this page with your thoughts about a visit to Arkansas.I love how your wrote around the ticket. Great note booking idea, especially for folks like me who tend to put off note booking for the perfect time.
      If you ever make it to Seattle, don’t miss our Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.


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