My Own Writing Marathon


#sol20- July 14, 2020

When Michelle Haseltine talked about a writing marathon I was in (see #100daysofnotebookingandbeyond! on Facebook). I knew the actual timing would be hard, as it would be a very late night for me, so I decided to do it at my own time.

Somehow when the day came I had not written it on my daily plan, so by the time I realized I had already done a fair bit of writing- did I still have the energy for a three-hour marathon? After lunch, I made my plan:


Then I set up my first space:


I kept it fresh by changing locations, forms, even notebooks/laptop:

I tried new things (prompts from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater and Minh Lê,) and wrote and wrote and wrote. I got more writing accomplished than I would have predicted and while I thought it might feel like hard work to write for three hours it was FUN! I actually continued a bit past “time”. It was only after I finished and posted a quick thank you to Michelle on Facebook that I saw the event had to unavoidably be postponed, but no regrets, I am all in next time (and I even have some mentor text notebook entries and unit plans for my third graders as a bonus). Thanks to Michelle for a new to me idea!

6 thoughts on “My Own Writing Marathon

  1. Cheers to you! I am glad I wasn’t the only one writing when the event was cancelled. It was a great experience -writing-writing-writing. I wonder whether you often write on the balcony.

  2. Yay, you did it! Can you share where you are getting prompts from Minh Le? I hope to participate next time! I like how you made a plan for your time which included different kinds of writing.

  3. How awesome! I love the pictures of your locations and ideas. 3 hours is amazing! I bet you have so many seed ideas of pieces that can be developed.

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