It’s Such a Small World!


#sol20- July 21, 2020

This very unusual summer has given me more time for professional development. Usually, I do some, but this summer I have been super involved. I have learned lots (which always reminds me how much I still need to learn) and made some great connections.

Late last night I was in a choice session as part of TCRWP’s July Reading Institute when I had two shocks. First I got a PM from someone in the Zoom session greeting me enthusiastically. There was C., a teacher in Tunisia I had met in my Responsive Classroom training a few weeks ago- what are the chances?!

A few minutes later we were put into breakout rooms and discussing something. There were only three of us in our room, so we took the opportunity to talk briefly about where in the world we all are. M. said, “I am in Hong Kong.”

“Which school?” I asked as I have friends at several schools there.

“Stamford,” she said.

“Wow, I am collaborating with someone from there for the Global Read Aloud, named….” I hesitated while looking up.

“Oh, my gosh, it’s me!” she said.

Sure enough, when I looked at her name, it was!

Our connection had come about a few weeks earlier when I had put out a call on the GRA Facebook group for a partner class. Because we are in almost the same time zones we may be able to do some connecting via live video and we decided we would just be a partnership rather than try to juggle more classes, so we have had a few quick emails back and forth to set up a shared doc and now follow each other on Twitter, but again, what are the chances that we would both be at the same PD, choose the same last session, and end up in a Zoom room together to figure out that we “knew” each other!?

Who knows what the next 4 days of the institute will bring!


8 thoughts on “It’s Such a Small World!

  1. Erika, those were two delightful small world moments. Meeting someone again from Tunisia and then another from Hong Kong. Teachers are a really awesome bunch of people. No wonder we find joy in making connections with them around the globe. Fun slice today!

  2. It’s like serendipity! It sounds like you are doing amazing learning this summer- as always! Love how you are always pushing yourself to learn new things.

  3. What a lovely surprise! I love your willingness to keep learning, even during this tough time. I’m curious, what are you reading for GRA?

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