My Gratitude Journal


#sol20- July 28, 2020

Since this is my summer of not traveling I have been taking advantage of the time to do loads of PD (I LOVE PD I choose). My desk currently looks like this:


because teacher workdays start Monday and I am going in this week half days to organize my class library in hopes that we will be able to use it. At home (as pictured above) I am still trying to finish up some PD to plan a bit for the unplannable year ahead.

As a writer, I am a pantser, not a planner, but as a teacher, I tend to be a big picture planner header. All the unknowns are messing with this! Officially we are still hoping to go back via a hybrid system on August 6, but realistically my head tells me that there are too many unsettled logistics still, so that must mean that we are going to start online, yet it is not official, so I plan for everything and nothing, both at the same time. Cultivating Genius, Reading Strategies, and The Distance Learning Playbook are all on the desk open (and Being the Change is waiting to be reread). I am still determined to cram more PD in these last days. Happily, I am doing other reading too.

Tomorrow I will complete day 90 of my 90 Day Gratitude Journal. I peeked ahead today as I completed day 89.  Tomorrow I have to list 10 things I like about my job or workplace.

So far I am thinking:

  1. I get to work with interesting kids every day.
  2. I get to help them learn new things.
  3. I learn new things from them.
  4. I love eading aloud.
  5. I love sharing great books.
  6. I love seeing growth.
  7. I love trying new things and sometimes succeeding.
  8. I love sharing my love of learning.
  9. I get to work with great colleagues.
  10. I get to fail and try again.


So, my realization (and slice drafted real time) on this eve of day 90 is that I have to keep those 10 things close as I jump into the unknown. I have to remember to be grateful (and really hope that I can be safe doing what I love). Next week I will know more to plan for the kids who will be learning with me this school year in whatever form(s) we face.

(apologies for this disorganized slice- it is a window into 15 minutes in my busy brain).

5 thoughts on “My Gratitude Journal

  1. I am grateful you took 15 minutes to write, post and share today. I agree we need to make our list and hold it close as we go forward and it helped me to have you remind me of this. As always, your committment to PD inspires me. I have exactly 6 weeks until my first day with kids. It will be remotely so my home bedroom/new classroom space is feeling more important. Stay safe!

  2. I can so relate to so many of the things you said, especially loving PD that I choose! This weird time has allowed for a lot of online PD, and things I would not normally have known about or been able to attend, and I’m also grateful for that. Thanks for keeping the positive in our thoughts.

  3. Keeping those 10 things close will be important as you move forward with your days.

    Your desk looks divine. I love the messy learning that’s happening. That’s how we grow.

  4. Erika, kudos for keeping up with all 90 days of the Gratitude Journal. That’s awesome. I loved seeing this 15-minute window into your busy brain. Thanks for sharing. No apologies needed! 🙂

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