The Kids Are Back!


#sol20- August 25, 2020

The kids are back! We started online for the first 7 school days and now have been allowed to open in a hybrid version. Students are in Group A or B and alternate days at school. We are supposed to provide work for them to do on their days at home without requiring the use of technology (and that is another whole story).

As our break last week ended there were flurries of emails- some students would be fully online– due to parent preference or incomplete documentation required to be allowed on campus.

Monday was our first day and I only had 4 students (instead of the 9 it could have been), which made physical distancing less challenging. The thing is it was just so wonderful to have them there. We practiced keeping a 1 1/2-2 meter distance (in classrooms it is 2 meters, outside 1 1/2 meters), remembered to keep our hands away from our faces, smiled with our eyes, and started becoming familiar with our classroom community. Checking in at the end of the day there was consensus that it was “the best day ever”.

After saying goodbye to them we got to have a Groundhog Day experience today- doing another “first day” with a different group ( 6 students today). It is still feeling new and hard, but the smiles are reminding me of how much I love fresh starts. Hopefully, these new protocols will soon feel familiar and of course, we are hoping we can go fully in-person safely soon.

5 thoughts on “The Kids Are Back!

  1. Lakshmi Bhat

    My daughter and family live in Germany. Our grandson is having summer vacations now. My daughter had told me how happy he had been to go to school again. Hope everything works out well.

  2. Denise Krebs

    Erika, wow! Glad to see you guys giving it a go. We are supposed to do this in a week, but I’m starting to doubt that they will let us start after all. We’ll see. My favorite line in you post is about the consensus being that it was the best day ever. Yay! I pray that for all the children going back to school.


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