What Small Moments?


#sol20- September 1, 2020

As we were about to embark on our small moment/personal narrative unit in grade 3 I thought I would check in with my mom on some of my memories, to see if she could add any helpful details. I often have written about my attempts at “running away” to the orchard nearby my childhood home, but I thought this year I might write about another memory.

I messaged my mom, telling her that in our next FaceTime I would like to have her help. “Fun!” was her response.

So, a few days later when we did talk I pulled out my list.

“What do you remember about me running away to the orchard?” I asked.

“Did you do that? How fun!”

“What about me spying from the maple tree?”

“Did you do that? You did have a notebook.”

“Well, what about the time I got a stick stuck in my hand and it needed to get removed by a doctor with a scalpel?”

“Hmm, no, I do not remember that.”

“What about when I was on a bike ride to raise money for MARC and went flying over my handlebars. How did I get to the hospital?”

“I do not remember that at all!”

“Do you remember any dramatic moments in my childhood?” I asked her, ready to take on a new story.

“well, there was that head wound you had. I think it involved Diana (my sister),” she tried.

“Umm, Mom, that was when I was in third grade and a kid at recess threw a rock. Sally Bridges told me it was lucky I did not duck or it would have hit her, nothing to do with Diana.”

“Oh, sorry, Erika, I just do not have your memory. I think I am like Diana like that. Recently she was telling Max (her son) how lucky he was that he was being driven to college because she had driven herself to Tulane for law school. I know I drove her and spent some days there helping her and her roommate paint their place, but SHE had no memory of it.”

I cannot even blame this on the ravages of age- my mom has always been a bit like this. Maybe I will have more luck asking my dad?

It does give me empathy for my third grade writers as they try to fill in some of the gaps in their memories! As for me, I wrote my own version of spying on my mom and getting the stick stuck in my hand as well as the story of falling off my back- nobody to argue with my story:)



5 thoughts on “What Small Moments?

  1. franmcveigh

    Erika, The best part of small moments truly is that it is your story and you are the author so the story progresses as YOU remember! I was also thinking small moments this morning!

  2. sallydonnelly11

    I love this. It is a story about trying to find a story to write. I predicted your mom would be helpful but instead, your story shows that it is the writer who gets to create the details! Thanks for letting me be a fly on the wall as you facetimed your mom!

  3. Mukhamani

    Wonderful small moments and I am sure your mother must have enjoyed you telling her about those moments 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  4. Denise Krebs

    This is hilarious, Erika! I am afraid I can relate to your mom’s memory. My girls have more luck hearing stories from my husband. Sometimes he will say something like this to me, “That red shirt reminds me of the date we went to Palomar Mountain when you drove your mom’s truck.” What in the heck? I don’t remember any of it!

  5. haitiruth

    Ha! I love this! You’re right – the story is yours alone to tell however you want.
    Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


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