A Three-fer

#sol20- September 22, 2020

Yesterday was our first “threefer” of the school year. We managed to read three picture books aloud, so you know it was an excellent day!

We read:

because none of these kids had heard of RGB. It was powerful to hear them discuss other books we have read that also addressed racism and sexism and connections they were making.

It was Peace One Day day. We each wrote our own “peace is… “messages and wow, these third graders fill my heart with hope for a better world!

We were reflecting on our “Who We Are” unit after listening to this song and the students each wrote their own affirmations.

It was a great afternoon in 3EV! Kids- whenever life is hard, they bring me up!

3 thoughts on “A Three-fer

  1. Those are three special books. It would be interesting to ask the students about the connections they find between the three books. It seems like there would be some.

    Hope the kids recognize how lucky they are to have a teacher who provides them with threefers.

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