The Time Seemed Right

#sol20- September 29, 2020

A few weeks ago Alex tagged me on a tweet where he noted that he was using One Little Word with his second graders as a goal setting exercise (and he remembered it was something I did with my class each January). I liked the idea of starting this crazy year with this thinking, so put it on my to do list.

Then, last week, Anita (my grade 3 colleague) mentioned she was thinking of doing it with her class, and that was a enough to push it on to our timetable.

Friday I introduced it in class and shared some of my previous choices. We started a class list of ideas. Yesterday we got out our word study notebooks and started our own individual lists.

Today it was decision time. Students chose from their list and created a poster to share with the class. What I loved is the third graders took this to heart- they each chose a word that really spoke to them and would help guide them through this first semester.

I regret not taking pictures, but some of the words chosen were confidence, open-minded, balance, healthy, special, true, words, exercise, and danger. Their explanations shared challenges they were facing and ways they hoped their word would help them to be their best self. As for me, I chose resilience- a reminder to me that I can do hard things and find joy- this class definitely is helping me focus on the positive!

6 thoughts on “The Time Seemed Right

  1. While I always choose my word in January, I don’t think I’ve ever done this exercise with teacher or students. I love to start this crazy year with an intention. Thanks for the spark.

  2. My OLW for 2020 is wonderful! Trying to use it to see the best in what is happening – but it may not be a bad idea to change it either! I love how you did this. So you mentioned missing a coach … maybe we can figure out a way to play together virtually! Email me – it could be fun.

  3. What a great way to begin a school year, choosing OLW for a semester – thinking what fun a review or celebration would be at the end, and if kids would decide to keep or change their words for the next semester. Resilience is an excellent choice, now more than ever!

  4. I have chosen words in January, but I am feeling a spark to choose one for this upcoming month. Thank you for reminding me that this magic isn’t just for the changing of a calendar year!

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