#sol20- October 6, 2020

The irony was not lost on me! After weeks of pushing two students to have their eyes checked because they seemed to need glasses.

It used to be noted that I was the only one in the family who did not use glasses, but that all changed when my younger son went to university and I realized I had been using him as my eyes when the print was too small. I was (honestly) a little devastated when I had my eye exam and the doctor told me I actually needed progressive lenses (three in one) that I’d have to wear all day, not just the drug store readers I imagined.

Fast forward eight years and I have worn my glasses every day, updating the prescription several times.

Yesterday as I walked out of my apartment I ran through my mental checklist. I had my food, water, and keys, so I figured all was good. Arriving at school I went through my morning routine- propping open the outside door to our hallway, turning on the fans and the a/c. Moving on to my classroom it was similar. After pulling my laptop out of the drawer and turning it on, Monday morning was all go, until… I went to look at the Google Slides I had prepared for math and they were teeny! I pressed control + a few times, but what?!?

Suddenly I put the back of my hand to my forehead and that is when it was confirmed- I was without my glasses. In a flash I knew just where they were- on my table at my home. At this point it was 6:25 AM-technically I could call my tuk tuk driver back and maybe make it home and back by 7:10 when we must be in our classrooms, but, maybe I wouldn’t make it back in time. In a flash of genius I thought of my colleague, E., who lives in my building. Maybe she had not left home yet. A quick Whatsapp message revealed she was, indeed, still at home and because our doors have digital keypads it was just a matter of sharing my code with her.

As it turned out she was going to be arriving at school for about two hours, but surely it would be no problem. I looked around the room and confirmed that I could still see what I needed to see.

S. greeted me with excitement as he modeled his new glasses with pride and B. showed up with new glasses too. As the minutes passed I began to realize just how necessary my glasses are- not only could I not see anything easily on my computer screen, but I just did not feel “right”. How did I become that old lady who needs her glasses to function? E said she would arrive by 8, but when my TA went downstairs to pick them up from the office they were still not there. When I messaged again in a slight panic, because maybe she had forgotten my glasses, it turned out she was just arriving. A few minutes later I was cleaning my glasses and gratefully pushing them up the bridge of my nose. I had a serious headache going with the squinting I had been doing, but now I could read Wahoo, time to introduce our new chapter book read aloud for Global Read Aloud. J. had forgotten her new glasses (she was only on day 5 of having them, so the habit is new, but could again!not believe it was my first time ever forgetting mine). We promised each other that we would remember on Tuesday.

Today there were seven of us wearing glasses (M. emailed me last night to say she had “forgotten to mention” that she had glasses too until I had mentioned that she might need them as she struggled to read a number line on the board earlier). I now fully accept the necessity of my glasses!

4 thoughts on “Necessary!

  1. For the longest time, I could get by without my glasses by “squinting the right way,” but now I really need them. Trying to remember to keep them with me at all times is a challenge! From now on, I will think of you and smile in solidarity as I put them on each day.

  2. I’ve worn glasses or lenses for 13 years, and I love this post. The feeling of complete nakedness when you have neither… such a familiar one to those of us who know!

  3. I love the way you told this story! It’s amazing what we need to get through the day. I have contacts and I find my glasses hard to wear with the mask. I also wear hearing aids but have been wearing them less with my vertigo episodes- Somewhere in my mind I feel like the hearing aids make it worse but how could that be?Anyway- great story and glad you and your students can see now!

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