I Forgot for a Few Minutes

#sol20- October 13, 2020

Saturday it was time for a haircut. I felt pretty good about the safety at my salon and with my stylist in particular (she is a self acknowledged germophobe). I kept my mask on the whole time and I even managed to fully enjoy the few minutes of a head massage as my hair got washed.

I then wanted to pop in to a local clothes shop to buy some more cloth masks and try on some clothes. The shop is fairly small and I was the only customer- the door to outside was open, so it was breezy and relaxed inside. The clothes there are beautiful and for a few minutes I felt like it might be any Saturday morning. I was a lady of leisure out for a wander. The shop owner was wonderful and when I found something I liked she was ready to make it in a few other colors for me.

From there I popped into a French grocery store on my way home- again, a quiet shop and I was able to get a few essentials. Walking home I felt truly relaxed.

Then I got home and I began my arriving home routine- I am pretty sure your routine is similar. Then I cried, because my moments of feeling “normal” passed all too quickly. I know I am lucky to be living in a country where the impact of Covid-19 has been minimal, but it is always there clouding my everyday. I feel ridiculous when I look at so many friends here who are enjoying life pretty much as before, but I just can’t. I may be too cautious, but… I sure did enjoy those moments of forgetting!

5 thoughts on “I Forgot for a Few Minutes

  1. dmsherriff

    That feeling of being “a lady of leisure”– ahh what a gift — in a pandemic and out of a pandemic!
    So glad you had a little bit of an escape! Here’s to more of that in the near future!

  2. jumpofffindwings

    I understand all too well what you are saying, but the silver lining, if there is one, for me right now is that the sweetness of finding moments to “fully enjoy a head massage,” and an almost-empty shop for personal attention, those sped by in a previous time. I didn’t savor them the way you —and I—obviously savor them when the “normal” becomes rare. I am so glad you got the respite from everyday, even if only briefly.

  3. Darin Johnston

    We get the side eye for wearing our masks to many places where we are the only ones with a mask on. We’ve gone out to eat three times since March, twice outside and once inside. We limit our contacts with many people and it’s not because we are afraid but cautious. We are both teachers so being exposed to 150+ students per day between the two of us, it’s an important thing for us to be healthy. We’ve allowed ourselves a few of those “I forgot” moments as well. They are gems in an otherwise gray world. I’m glad you had that opportunity to allow yourself that gem. Those are the things that keep us human! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this thoughtful slice with us!


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