Okay, I Am Hooked!

#sol20- October 27, 2020

Way back in January I thought I’d give it a try when Michelle issued the challenge (see the Facebook group here) to notebook for 100 days. Little did I know how 2020 was going to progress and what habit I would be forming.

Yesterday I started my fourth notebook and I wrote to my notebook to get it started. I use my notebook multifunctionally- lots of different forms and purposes. In it I am writing just for me, although sometimes I mine it to find slices. I love NEW and spent time setting her up. Here is what I ended up with (so far):

  • a list of possible one little word choices for 2021 (with a reminder of what I have used for 2013-2020)
  • a page to record the word of the day from Teach Write (see that Facebook group here), because some days I like to write from that
  • a page each for goals, recommendations (books, resources, places, and random), memories, and quotes
  • several pages to record books I read
  • then there are the other 240 or so pages…BLANK!

I started with a reflection on new and how much I love a new notebook, maybe next I will write about fear and how scary a new notebook is. Honestly, I think at this point the fear of that is (mostly) gone. I have to admit it- after starting my blog in 2013, beginning to blog more regularly in 2014, and finally taking on the March slice of challenge in 2015, I now acknowledge I am hooked- I NEED to write even though (or maybe because) it is really just for me. Notebooking has helped me level up and for that, I am grateful. I love a good challenge and how that has yielded a new habit. So welcome to notebook #4!

(old notebook above new one).

5 thoughts on “Okay, I Am Hooked!

  1. Erika, YOU are such a good mentor to me! With a week to go until November, I want to write in November – not a novel but write (NaMoWriMo) and reading your post helps me realize I can just add to my notebook daily in Nov and who knows, maybe the routine will take it beyond Nov! Thanks for sharing your notebook details. Your ideas are motivating me!! Have a good Week!!

  2. I too started daily writing habit in January and petered out in February. I did do the slice challenge in March and poetry in April but since then really sporadic since. I wish I had continued because I know the act/art of writing helps me process all that is happening around me 0 and we all know there is so much to process right now. Here’s hoping I can live up to your four journals in the future… today?
    Thank you for the encouragement

  3. Hi Erika! 4 notebooks in less than a year is amazing! I love your thoughtful setup for your new notebook. I miss seeing you at TeachWrite, but perhaps our paths will cross again. Be well!

  4. Erika, what fun to read your reflections and successes in notebooking. I love that it has cemented your writing habit. My habits are a little wobbly still, so I’m being inspired by you.

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