#sol20- November 3, 2020


So many first days,

Online, hybrid, in person

Finally all here!


All are welcome here,

Greeting newcomers gladly,

You are one of us.


Challenges are shared,

Will you write gratiku too?

Remember to pause.

Today at school we welcomed our “last” classmate. We all started the year online, then moved to hybrid, then fully online, but some students remained in online school. Today the final 3EV student came back to campus. It was lovely to see how excited the other students were to see him in person and help him begin the process of settling back in to campus life. I was ecstatic too.

The Teach Write community introduced a challenge for November- to write a #gratiku each day this month. Gratiku is a mash-up of gratitude and haiku. I introduced the challenge to my third graders today and we composed one together. I wonder if any will join me in trying this out all month. I do love a challenge!


6 thoughts on “#gratiku

  1. Oh, what a great idea! That’s what I need. I will join in, Erika!

    Pausing and thanking
    When I forget all the good
    Help me refocus

  2. Erika, thanks for the good news in the form of a #gratiku series. My Spiritual Journey Thursday writing community’s topic for November is gratitude. I might add a gratiku for the post.

  3. Lovely gratikus. This is a lovely community. I missed Nov 1 but started writing gratikus Nov 2 and sharing on Instagram.

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