Watching Students Grow

#sol20- November 17, 2020

It is that time of year- the time when you can really see student progress. It is amplified by report writing, as I sit down to write I become even more aware of the changes that may sometimes go unnoticed (or even worse, uncelebrated).

B. has really transformed over the last few weeks. She started the year very quiet and shy- a bit anxious at times. Imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago during Morning Meeting she stood up and through her mask sang a song she had written…what!? Wow!

After a few more song shares a few other students took the opportunity to share songs during their sharing too- way to lead by example, B!

During October I offered Inktober as an optional challenge for our class. B. loves art, so this was a challnge she embraced. Last Wednesday she came to Morning Meeting (Zoom- we are online again) with a paper in hand. It was her sharing day and she shared “Pencember”- her own version of Inktober she created for our class- complete with daily prompts and guiding “rules”.

The class was excited.

“Can we have a challenge every month?” they asked.

“Of course!” was my answer, “It is your class.”

In the afternoon Zoom I checked in with B.

“Would you like Pencember to be shared beyond our class?” I asked.

“Sure,” she answered.

I suggested she make her prompt list into a slightly larger version so that when we are back in class we can photocopy it to pass on to other classrooms.

“Would you want to make a video for XXXXTV (our school weekly news)?” I continued.

“Sure,” she smiled.

Later that day I had both in my inbox.

She may not have completed the assigned work that day, but she definitely met her own goals and showed complete ownership. She is growing in so many ways and I can’t wait to see the response when others see her segment on screen on Monday.

Today when a classmate heard that B. was going to be on the show she was reflecting on the B. she met two years ago and noted the changes she had seen. Who knows what is still ahead.

3 thoughts on “Watching Students Grow

  1. This slice shows what great teachers do – they nudge kids toward growth.
    Favorite line:
    She may not have completed the assigned work that day, but she definitely met her own goals.
    Stay safe. We’ve yet to return to the school building since March 13th…

  2. I love the choice, agency, and meaning in this post. If we listen to them, they will guide the way. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Choice and voice. This is what we SHOULD be doing. Amplifying their voice and allowing their choices to shine through. The slice gave me hope (which is in short supply around here)! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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