A Welcome Pivot

#sol20- November 24, 2020

Last Thursday we got the welcome news that beginning Monday we would be back to teaching in person- yet another pivot, but this one so welcome. This was the first time that we had a few days notice before we changed our format and it felt good to be prepared. By the time we had our afternoon Zoom the news had not yet been shared with families, so I could not talk about it with the students, but Friday morning the energy in the Zoom was different- they were excited (and so was I!).

I questioned V. “Are you going to be back at school Monday?”

“Yes!” he said confidently.

But still I wondered. He had only been in school for two days before it was in the news that a Hungarian diplomat visiting Phnom Penh for one day had tested positive the day after leaving. We had two more school days and on the following weekend we found out all schools would be online for two weeks. Would he really be back? I know that his parents are quite concerned about Covid.

Flash forward to Monday morning and I literally did my happy dance when I saw V. walk through the door! He was back (and only one student missing- that was because she has dengue fever)! He has now doubled his in school attendance and today while we were talking as I read with him he told me how happy he is to be back.

“There are so many more nonfiction books here and I love to read to learn about new things,” he said. “My mom told me that if I do not understand what I read I should start by rereading.”

“Good advice,” I said. When I thought about it, it was actually good advice for me too. This year is about “re” to me- redefining, reconfiguring, recalibrating, and so many other ways to redo what I may have thought I knew about learning and teaching.

Having another first day with these kids is a gift. It is hard to believe that we have just four more weeks in the first semester.

2 thoughts on “A Welcome Pivot

  1. It has definitely been a year of “first days”! Interesting that students are going back where you are, just as we prepare for the possibility of returning to all virtual due to a severe spike in cases in our county here. We are all grappling with changing conditions on a weekly basis, it seems! It was great to see students in the library this past month, but with so many traveling for the holiday, I would not be sad to be online again for the rest of the semester.

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