What if…

#sol20- December 8, 2020

When I read the email I knew immediately what I had to do. Pack.

We have been incredibly lucky until now in regards to Corona-19. The cases trickled in, all imported and seemed to be caught on arrival to the country by the mandatory testing upon entry. Then a few weeks ago there was a lapse in protocol and a diplomat caused a stir when he tested positive the day after leaving Cambodia. As others he was in contact with here were tested a few more cases were found. Little clusters.

Then there was “the November 28 incident” where there was community spread when a prison official, his wife and family members tested positive. She shopped at a mall, which then closed for a few days. Bit by bit the numbers have risen. Today’s data: to date, Cambodia has 350 COVID-19 cases, of which 307 have recovered and 43 are hospitalized.

This is week two of schools being online (again). Staff members can work at home or school. Today we found out that a staff member has a family member who has tested positive, so s/he will now test and that result will likely determine whether we can continue to work from school.

When we got that email this afternoon I immediately made a pile to pack. If you know me at all you will not be surprised what was in my small pile. I had already picked our picture book read aloud for the last 8 days of school for 2020, so they started the pile. I added my planner (because I do like paper planners) and my school computer (because I never take it home, but if I am going to be teaching from home my tired home laptop is not necessarily up to the job). Now it is night and we have not had an update (realistically I know we will likely not get an update for a day or two), so tomorrow I will carry the laptop back with tomorrow’s read aloud. Almost all of them “come back” for our afternoon Zoom when we share a picture book.

For now I feel okay going in to teach from school, but it is an awful feeling to not feel totally safe at school. Here I sit, now at home-reading aloud to myself, as I post another few chapters of our chapter book read aloud to Padlet. With two Zooms a day there is not time to have the students listen to that as well, but read I must. I hope they will listen, because through it all, stories continue to be what binds us. I still find myself making the gestures I would if the class were in front of me, but instead it is just my voice they may hear through whatever device they have at hand. I know they are not all listening, but maybe when they have more time over break they will be glad to feel a part of our reading community.

I am grateful for the books!

1 thought on “What if…

  1. A. Shruti

    I teach secondary students and with them too there’s no way of knowing whether they are paying attention or not. And the reasons that they come up with for not unmuting themselves are way more hilarious than realistic. But I know they are listening when I just lip sync while keeping the mike on and I hear them scream, “Ma’am! you are inaudible!”
    Hope the COVID situation is contained and you get to work from school.


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