Class Party- Covid Style

#sol20- December 22, 2020

It was the second to last week of school when we got word that we would be online the last week too, so we knew “class parties” would look a little different. Petra (our fab EAL teacher) suggested “Friday Fun Day” where we would each offer an activity in our Zoom and students from all four third grade classes could mingle. When Simon mentioned it to Sarah, the librarian, she said she would be happy to join in, so I boldly put out an invitation to all of the teachers who work with our team. Almost all responded that they would love to do it- they are generally not Zooming with kids as homeroom teachers are, so this was a great opportunity for them to catch up with kids (plus they are all super stars!).

Our plan was a 30 minute Zoom and we ended up with the students having 10 different choices- they could only choose one to attend. We had baking, pop up cards, snowflake making, watching funny cat videos, practicing tongue twisters in many languages, Lego challenges, squiggle challenges, fitness, virtual games, and time to write. Can you guess what I led? Some groups were tiny and some were large, but all were a chance to relax and have fun before the three week break ahead. I am constantly impressed by how these kids adapt to all of the new situations life is throwing at them, so this new kind of party was a welcome treat.

Now on to a nearly Zoomless 3 weeks! Who knows in what form we will start school in January, but I am trying to not give that too much thought. Reading and writing will fill my days (or not) and that is how I will see out the year and start the new one. Ahhhh!

5 thoughts on “Class Party- Covid Style

  1. I loved reading about your zoom party filled with choices!! Again, another great idea from you I may just have to replicate!! Enjoy your screenless 3-weeks as you rest and relax and stay safe during this winter break. So glad we are writing friends!

  2. I love this idea! The kids sure need more time to be “together” in a less structured way.
    I visited a 3rd grade on-line party “at my school” the other day and it felt like recess- where kids can see their friends in other classes. We need to find more creative ways for them to do that. Thank you for sharing this good idea.

  3. I have a feeling everyone could use three Zoomless weeks! (Isabelle has been online so much for school that she now needs reading glasses! Oh, what this year is doing to all of us!)

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