Shaking Up a OLW

#sol21- January 5, 2021

Every year since 2013 I have chosen a One Little Word (OLW) and I really enjoy the process and usually see a benefit. This year, Christie Wyman, wrote on the Teach Write blog about the idea of choosing a monthly word. While I liked the idea I was still stuck on ONE WORD. I started a word list of potential words earlier this year and so I turned to that list. I looked for patterns and connections and decided what I could do was a mashup— I could choose one “umbrella word” and 12 helper words.

I spent a bit more time and then decided that I should be even more purposeful, so as I looked at my list of words I decided I could match the words to what I knew might be going on in my life. I also have (not shown here) a list of other words that may be subbed in if the word I have chosen in January do not seem to fit as time goes by.

Here is how it stands right now:

Some of my reason for choosing BELIEVE:

This year more than ever I choose to believe in science. We have to work together to control Covid 19. I look forward to being able to roll up my sleeve and get the vaccine when it is available here in Cambodia.

I believe in kids. Working with kids brings me such joy and I have such an amazing class. I believe in them and all that they will accomplish this year and beyond and I want to keep doing better for them.

I believe in myself and know that I can do hard things — this year will require a lot of this self belief.

I am a questioner and often a rule follower, so for me to believe I research, so for me to believe I have to do lots of research.

I will stand up for what I believe and I will choose how/when to use my voice.

These first few days of January have been peaceful days for me— three weeks off of school and not many obligations have allowed me lots of time to reflect and set goals and I think believe in conjunction with my helper words will push me in a good way. I look forward to challenging myself this year.

January 1 started another round of #100daysofnotebooking, so that is already helping me to grow as a writer.

If you are someone who chooses a OLW what word have you chosen for 2021?

8 thoughts on “Shaking Up a OLW

  1. “Believe” is one of my favorite words. At its heart, it means “to live by.” An excellent umbrella word for the year – I can see the others hanging from it. Your vision and organizational process here are amazing! The science and research pieces are so connected under “believe.” And the kids – “I believe in kids” – oh yes. Always. My OLW is “awe” and children are so often the conduits of it.

  2. I love how you considered your options and designed a “mash-up” that was perfect for you. I agree with Fran that your “vision and organizational process here are amazing!” Wow! I really like how you’ve considered a timeline of what will be going on in your life and chosen words that enhance or support for each month and its activities. I appreciate you sharing your reflections and the process-it was fascinating! I still haven’t decided if I’m choosing a OLW or not, but I firmly believe the process of considering words is powerful.

  3. Such a fascinating process, Erika! You have me thinking about how I might focus my OLW (heart) each month in an intentional way, based on what is going on that month. It seems like a great way to keep the OLW front and center while looking for timely opportunities to live into it.

  4. Omgosh I love the process and your chart I need to remember this for next year!! 🙂

    My overarching word is CONNECT[ion] with four supporting words: intentional, nourish, community, and peace. I chose to divide into four words due to the four phases I anticipate this year will hold. Have fun embracing your words! 🙂

  5. Love how you tied your OLW to a helper word and what is going on each month. The best way to live our OLW is to incorporate it into our daily life and your chart is just perfect for that.
    I love having scheduled points to check in with my OLW. t helps me keep my focus on my word. I’ve done it quarterly and also by months with 5th Tuesdays. For 2021, that would be March, June, August, and November. Can’t wait to hear how your year with believe unfolds.

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