#sol21- January 26, 2021

Today was the day I have talked about for so long! We were ready- we voted yesterday and the results had been announced. The anticipation was at at a fever pitch, with one student claiming she was going to stay up late last night to watch on her own. Yesterday I showed a small bit of last year’s video so they could get a taste of what was to come, but I explained that this year would look different, because, yeah, Covid.

First thing in the morning they asked, “When are we watching?”

“Just after math,” I assured them, “Soon!”

Math was fun, so time passed quickly. I had been unable to contain my own excitement and woken up early this morning and previewed the video myself, so I could show a few of the most relevant parts.

It was time for 3EV to watch the ALA Awards!!! We had our own Mock Caldecott over the last two months and had included 16 books in our study and our winner :

With honors going to:

We watched the awards where I knew the students would recognize some winners- there were cheers, shocked faces, and maybe even a few groans. A highlight for me was our TA at one point telling me, “I have goosebumps!”

Another highlight was students asking, “Can we order that?” and “Can I read that next?” depending on whether we already owned “winners” or not. In the end they were not disappointed that our choices did not match the announced winners, but instead were looking forward to reading more, and that, after all is the reason we have a Mock Caldecott.

I told our students that this day is such a special holiday for me and I think they get it! As a bonus, although Honeybee did not win a Caldecott, it did win a Sibert, and we are Zooming with the author/illustrator duo next week for World Read Aloud Day.


7 thoughts on “#booklove

  1. This is fabulous. Your students will carry the excitement for reading throughout their lives. I jumped on Twitter early yesterday morning to follow the results. It was exciting.

  2. Wasn’t it wonderful! I was up at 6 Pacific time to watch it live, even though I knew I could watch the recording later. There is such joy and excitement at seeing it live, even from a distance.

  3. Like Adrienne, I have to watch it live. There’s nothing like sharing the excitement with students. My grand boys and I loved Swashby and the Sea too! Good choice.

  4. Thank you so much for espousing literacy love in your classroom. There are few ways that I can imagine that are better than this for helping children to unlock the liveliness of living through the words on a page. Your enthusiasm is replete with the adoration that adventures through pages deserves. How fortunate they are to have a teacher like you. Keep up the wonderful work.

    With Warmest Regards, ~Carla Michelle

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