Some Days Just Require a Little Jingle

#sol21- February 2, 2021

I have got back in the habit of ironing whatever clothes I’ll need for the weekend, so I knew I was wearing my super comfortable purple and white skirt. I knew it was going to be a challenging day. Last night I got some challenging news and I needed some time to absorb it and knew that others at school might feel a bit off as well. As I got dressed in the early morning dark I mentally prepared for the day ahead and knew I needed a little “perk me up”.

I am probably the least fashion-conscious person you could ever meet and accessories are for others not for me. An exception is my love for purple- if I have a way to add on a bit of purple I just may do it.

Today I grabbed my favorite purple scarf. This old friend I bought in Mumbai about 14 years ago when I lived there (as it happens the skirt is from then too).

With this scarf swathed around my neck, I could hear a faint jingle wherever I walked today. I may have even swirled around the room merrily brushing the soft fabric as I walked by any innocent bystanders.

Between the purple and the softest jingle as I walked I felt my shoulders relax and a spring return to my step. That year in India was hard for personal reasons, yet I have such fond memories of that time and I know that even though today’s news may have been a bit unsettling some time in the (hopefully not so distant) future it would seem insignificant and I would be able to recall happy memories of flouncing around in my jingly scarf.

Sometimes a jingle is just the self care I need (perfect as my OLW is BELIEVE and February’s helper word is care- I can take care of myself too!).

4 thoughts on “Some Days Just Require a Little Jingle

  1. I love this! I am sorry for your hard news and I am in awe of your ability to move through it and the day with a flourish of jingles and purple. I predict you will have a strong and confident day!

  2. This balance of vulnerability and strength in your story today is very inspiring to me. Knowing ourselves, recognizing that NOW (whenever that now is for each of us) is hard, and then finding positive ways to soothe, make it better… yes. Thank you.

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