Social Media for the Right Reasons

#sol21- February 9, 2021

In the last 24 hours I have had two wonderful reminders of why I stay on social media, in spite of the negatives.

Last night a former colleague reached out via Twitter messenger for some ideas for an after school activity he is going to lead, based on one I ran in the school we had worked in together, that I called Book Love. Reimagining the activity for his reality of being virtual for at least some of the sessions gave me a good challenge to think about last night. I had fun researching different ideas and was happy to be able to get back to him quickly. Of course we also had a chance for a bit of a quick catch up as a result. It was nice to hear from him and I appreciated that we could still share ideas more than 9,000 km apart.

This afternoon once I got home I checked Facebook and saw a message request from a name that looked like a shortened version of a former student. Clicking on it I learned I was correct. B. had been looking through some of her elementary mementos and reached out to share a picture of us together with me. B. had been in my third grade way back in 2003-2004. Immediately, before even looking at the picture there was this spunky 8 year old flashing before my eyes. She was a confident chatterbox, always eager to share her thinking and she had strong opinions. I learned she had recently completed her university degree (with honors) in philosophy and is headed to law school next. Do former students know what joy it brings to teachers’ hearts to get these messages?!

This weekend I was making lists as I contemplated my principal’s belief that we have to teach different grades to grow as teachers. I realized I have taught in 16 classrooms, in eight schools in seven countries, across different grade levels. So many small moments that make memories. I am so grateful for social media that allows me to keep some of those connections going.

6 thoughts on “Social Media for the Right Reasons

  1. Sixteen classrooms. Eight schools. Seven countries. Wow! That’s a wonderful trail you have trod. I also love how social media keeps me connected to friends, colleagues, and students near and far.

  2. There is nothing like the pride we teachers feel when we learn of the successes of former students. They can’t possibly understand how deeply they affect us but they must feel our joy knowing how they’ve grown since being in our classes. Thank you for sharing this lovely news.🧡

  3. These are lovely memories. I stay in social media for the same reason and often think about what not having it during the pandemic would mean for us. Your principal’s words remind me that trying née things stretches us.

  4. The joy of meeting someone for the first time in real life after only knowing them in social media . . . and then solidifying the contact with blogging and continued social media. You gave us two very powerful and GOOD reasons/uses for social media in your post . . . both the past and the present. Love your use of time!

  5. How precious is this, love it! Moments like these – ways we connect with one another – truly keep me from just going on a full “break” from social media. I am trying, instead, to just pull back and stick to boundaries of certain times because it can become such a rabbit hole. All the good that can – and does – come from social media, though, seems totally worth it.

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