All Kinds of Strength

#sol21- February 16, 2021

School is not always easy for A., yet he has some super powers you might miss at first glance.

He is patient- he is pulled out throughout the week for occupational therapy, speech therapy, and extra reading support. He usually heads off with a smile and comes back in ready to slide into whatever is going on in the classroom- we could all learn how to transition from him.

He is brave. Last week when A. rushed down the stairs to lunch he fell and fell hard. As he lay in a heap on the floor a classmate hurried back up the stairs to alert me. After only a very few tears I was able to talk him into an upright position. I helped him to the nurse and he bravely fought through his fears and the pain of being cleaned up. His leg looked like it had been attacked with a cheese grater. As I walked slowly with him to lunch (while everyone else had moved on to recess) we chatted with the same classmate who had let me know of A’s accident and I happily served him four servings of noodles. He even managed to hobble around the playground for a bit afterward.

Today we had day one of the ISAs (International Schools Assessment). He was allowed to work in a different location and have extra time, but as a reflective learner he decided he could do his best work in the classroom- and it seemed like he made the right choice. His persistence through challenge (it was HARD!) impressed me.

This afternoon it was A’s turn to perform (we are wrapping up our How We Express Ourselves unit and each student has been working on a short performance). He chose to perform magic for the whole class. He began confidently and when one of his tricks went awry he kept his composure. The cards were sticking together and he could not get what he wanted to happen to work, but still he persisted. At one point he called for a pause (I was filming him for Seesaw) and then he cooly continued with a second trick and his ending. At this point the class applauded and I told him what a performer he was to keep calm under pressure.

I have the privilege of watching students. Patience, bravery, persistence, and keeping cool under pressure- so much to learn from this boy!

6 thoughts on “All Kinds of Strength

  1. And this is why narrative comments are so fantastic – you are able to give a picture of a person and not a mere label. If we could remember to see the strengths in all those we encounter we would be a better world. Thanks for sharing this picture of patience, bravery, persistence, and keeping cool under pressure.

  2. I love that A has you as his cheerleader. Trust me, no doubt of equal importance is that others, the students and teachers, see how you treat him. Those ripples? Far-reaching.

  3. I love this slice! You help me see this child’s super powers and remind me how I need to do the same always with my students. How I wish patience, bravery, persistence, and keeping cool under pressure were what is on the report card, instead of math, reading, science and social studies.

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